Location: University of Milano Bicocca

A few reasons to enjoy Milan!

Visit Milan

Of Italy’s many cities, Milan is one of the most well known thanks in part to its role as a global capital of fashion and culture. What travelers might not realize though is that there are many other reasons why the city belongs on any ideal Italy itinerary.

With a broad range of attractions, no one can accuse Milan of being boring. The best places to visit in Milan highlight many sides of the city, from culture and art to history and nightlife. But with so much to cover in just a few days, you’ll want a guide to help you make the most of your time there. Following our Milan itinerary, you’ll have no problem experiencing a nice spread of Milan’s attractions and come away knowing exactly what to do in Milan in 3 days.

The Bicocca campus

The Bicocca campus is located in the Milanese district of the same name, which was once home to large industrial companies such as Pirelli and Breda. The new university became part of a large-scale redevelopment project launched around 1986 and coordinated by the architect Vittorio Gregotti. The 21 buildings occupied by the university are all located in the Bicocca district, with the exception of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, which is located next to the San Gerardo university hospital in Monza.